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... is for a business combining research and development, education, consultancy and sales in an innovative way because of strong links with and input from the community, universities, private companies, NGOs and government.  

NileCAT hopes its activities will contribute to the positive development of the Sudan by being a model of sustainable entepreneurship, especially for young scientists. Our underlying values include: concern for the environment; concern for fair social development; commitment to strong research ethics; commitment to inspire young scientific entrepreneurs; and commitment to improve science and technology research.  

From January to May 2013 NileCAT was based at the Future University in Khartoum where AM was directing the Innovations Centre - IDEAS

Unfortunately, from May 2013, NileCAT operations inside Sudan have been suspended due to circumstances beyond our control.

Some of the work is still going on so we will try to keep the projects page updated.

Editted: AM Oct 2013

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